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With Professional Recorded Live Streaming

With QC Live Streaming you can share your event live with an audience at home or away; live streamed and recorded with professional video and audio

Services and Pricing: About

Services and Pricing

  • Recorded Event

    Live Stream or Video (Weddings/Graduations/Funerals)
    • Base Price Includes:
    • 1.5 hours of Continuous Live Streaming
    • 2 Professional 4K UHD Cameras
    • Professional Audio + Monitoring
    • Professionally Edited Final Video
    • Complimentary Digital Copy
    • Contact us for more details
    • Perfect for Weddings / Graduations / Funerals)
  • Reoccurring Stream

    Perfect for reoccurring events like sports, music, & worship
    • 1.5 hours of continuous live stream
    • $100 / hr for each additional hour
    • Full 1080p / 30fps HD streaming
    • Includes professional cameras and integrated audio
    • Professionally edited and complimentary digital copies
    • Additional videography available upon request at $120 / hr
    • *Minimum 4 event commitment required
  • Videography Rate /hr

    Available individually or in addition to a live stream event
    • Perfect for major life events like graduations and weddings
    • Add extra content not captured by a live stream
    • Includes professional cameras and integrated audio
    • Professionally edited
    • *Price includes recording time plus estimated time to edit
Services and Pricing: PaidPlans
Services and Pricing: About
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